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Each July I sell prints from my personal print collection, or prints acquired in trades.
All of these prints are from editions that are now sold out. They're in mint condition and have been stored in a flat file where they have never been exposed to light. I highly recommend using UV protected glass if you're going to buy and frame any of these prints.

-- Alexander Wood, Publisher



Twenty one colors were used on cream paper to create what is probably the best job I've ever done screen printing. Everything just turned out perfectly. This is print 111 of a 120 edition, printed in 2005. Although it did sell slowly, it eventually did sell out and we were all very happy with this edition. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity written by Crumb signed by Jesse and myself. Paper size is 20" x 26". Image size is 13" x 18.5".

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This 21 color serigraph edition was printed in 2005. There are 110 prints in this edition, with 10 artist proofs and 4 printer proofs. This print for sale is 100/110 and custom signed R. "Sob Sister" Crumb. All the prints were numbered, dated and printed by Crumb. This edition does not come with a Certificate of Authenticity. I can't remember why I didn't create one for this edition, but it doesn't have one. There is an indicia at the bottom of each print stating the edition's facts and figures. Cream paper size: 22' x 30". Image size: 15" x 22".


This 200 print edition was published in 2001. It was originally supposed to be published by Robert's brother-in-law, but Alex Gold moved to France and could not sell it. So that's why it doesn't have a Certificate of Authenticity. But it does have a faint indicia at the bottom stating I used 18 colors to create the edition. This is print number 57/200, signed, numbered and dated by Crumb The cream paper is 22" x 30", the image is 14" x 19".


This 200 print edition was printed in 2004. This print features a nice signature by Crumb, Also numbered and dated by him. He wrote the cert in his own hand writing. This is a 21 color edition, and one that I enjoy, even though it took a long time to sell out, I'm glad we did it. Print number 176/200. Cream paper is 22" x 30", image size is 14" x 19".

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This etching edition was published in 2005 by some "friends" of Crumb's. I don't think they're buddies any more. Anyway, there were 150 in the edition and Crumb signed them in 2005. Crumb numbered, signed and dated them all inside the embossed area–I wasn't in charge of this operation! He also printed his name throughout the entire edition. This is print number 24/150. Paper size: 11" x 15". Image size: 6" x 7.5".

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Crumb reworked this image for this edition, and it was released in 2013. There were 50 etchings in the edition and this is print number 11/50. It's signed R. "Goddamn Yer Eyes" Crumb. Paper size is 12" x 16". Image size is 7.5" x11".

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In 2005, one of Crumb's friends published this etching edition of 150 prints. There were also 15 printer proofs made for the etching edition. This is print 14/15. All the printer's proofs were numbered with roman numerals. Signed and dated by Crumb in the embossed area right under the image. Numbered outside of the embossed area. I don't know if another person numbered the prints. It's possible. But I didn't publish this edition, so I really don't know the details. Paper size: 11 x 14 inches. Embossed area: 6.5 x 8 inches. Image 6 x 6 inches.

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by Aline Kominsky-Crumb

We are pleased to offer this triptych print by Crumb spouse Aline Kominsky-Crumb as a very limited (only 5 prints!) signed giclee. The left portrait is a portrait of Cookie. The middle portrait is one of Cookie's clients. The right portrait is Aline's "Barbie" self-portrait.

Paper is 24" x 14.5". Each portrait is 6.5" x 8". Each print is numbered, signed and dated by Aline Kominsky-Crumb. Edition of 5 prints.

$310 Each
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I was inspired to do this series of portraits by my mother’s beautician, Cookie.  For years when I visited my mother in Aventura, Florida, I would go with her to Cookie’s beauty parlor, “Hair Magic,” in North Miami Beach. It’s in a sleazy strip-mall, with a trophy shop, a Peruvian restaurant, a sex video rental shop... It’s a place I would normally never see, but my mother had heard at her bridge club that Cookie was very good at cutting hair & not expensive, so she went there & became a “regulah”... My stepfather started getting his hair cut at Cookie’s too (Cookie later told me that my parents were her only “normal” customers). Hair Magic was a crazy and intense place. It was sort of a halfway house for lonely, strung-out women, gender identity cases & people just down on their luck.

Cookie dishes out tough love with humor, anecdotes of personal tragedies & a good dose of talk show therapy... plus cheap botox injections & great hair makeovers. It was impossible to tell how old Cookie was, she had redone everything numerous times... She’s gawgeous & sexy in a “Pamela Anderson” way... Every client at Hair Magic seemed to have a compelling tale to tell... It was so rich. I had a lot of empathy for these people. Even tho superficially I was so starkly different, I got very involved in some of their stories...  There were lots of prescription pain pills being washed down with lite beer. Very tempting to me but I didn’t dare try it... No water in the fridge... Why bother???

I thought of drawing a comic about Cookie & her customers but I didn’t really know enuff. I had to find a way to hang out and observe... I talked to my cousin Ilana, who often spends family visits with me in Florida, and we came up with the idea of Ilana filming me getting a “Cookie makeover.”

So I asked Cookie if she could do a temporary makeover on me, to make me look as much like her or one of her clients as possible, and if Ilana could film it. She was game. It would be the “Hair Magic Reality Show.”

The look is blond, big tits, puffy lips, thick black lashes, high spike heels, & lots of baubles. Cookie was so generous... She took me home & found sexy clothes & torture shoes, tons of jewelry & a huge heavy studded belt for me in her own closet. Then she made me buy a super padded Wonder Bra & a wig with long straight blond hair (I normally have curly reddish hair). It surprised me: when she was done I looked really good in a totally different way. I felt like Cinderella.... When I went outside, men slammed on their brakes... They wanted to get near me. I never had big tits or blond hair, and what a shock it was!  I realized how fascinated I was by Cookie & her pals... I could’ve turned out like one o’ them instead of a weird bohemian artist type... I guess it was fun to try it for awhile. After a few days my feet were killing me and my wig started popping off and I couldn’t get the eyelashes on straight!!

But we all had fun and Cookie and I have become good friends. I love & admire her & she thinks I’m cool too. Ilana got a lot of wacky footage but we haven’t done much with it yet... I took hundreds of photos, asked lots of questions & did some sketching and then I came home & drew these portraits & self portraits of us “glamourous blondes.” So check it out!

p.s.: It turns out Cookie & I are exactly the same age!!

Aline Kominsky-Crumb
Sauve, France
June 2013


A history of Sophie's sketchbooks, from her childhood to age twenty-eight, edited by her parents, Robert and Aline.

Hardcover edition, 272 pages,
8.4 " x 10.3"

"The true legacy of her parents' influence is her constant outpouring of uncensored, self-critical, and perceptive drawing." -- Publishers Weekly

$15 Each
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